Etched Brass Bangle


These brass bangles are hammered and etched with various designs. They are an open style bangle which means you can gently open and close it a little bit to get the perfect fit. I recommend leaving it at a size that allows you to put it on with some work but won't fall off as you move around. The sizing of the open bangle is as follows and is intended to have some free movement around the wrist, however, if you like it tight to your wrist, I suggest you size down. To measure your wrist for the open-style bangle, take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist, cut the piece so that the ends of the string touch but do not overlap, then measure that piece of string on a ruler.

Extra Small - fits a 5.25" - 5.5" wrist

Small - fits a 5.5" - 6" wrist

Medium - fits a 6" - 6.5" wrist

Large - fits a 6.5" - 7" wrist

Extra Large - fits a 7" - 7.5" wrist

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