Brass Staghorn Earrings


These earrings are a depiction of the Stag's horns. In other words, these are an abstract pair of white-tail deer antler. They beautifully flow with the line of your jaw and are a raw rustic look. They are handmade from recycled brass with a sterling silver back and stud (925). 

Each pair is handmade and will differ slightly from one another in their markings. You will receive a pair very similar to, but not exactly like, the pair pictured here.

There are short, medium and long pairs. The average measurements and weights are:

Short: 1" long and 4 grams (each earring is 2 grams)

Medium: 1.6" long and 8 grams (each earring is 4 grams)

Long: 2.6" long and 12 grams (each earring is 6 grams)

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