Sheppards Hook X Serena Wilson Stubson Collaboration

Katie Sheppard (Sheppards Hook) and Serena Wilson Stubson have combined their artistic energy to bring a collaboration that is unlike any other. Serena is the artist behind the incredible eco-resin cabochons while Katie does the metalsmithing to set the cabochons into these unique necklaces. 

The plant-based, locally sourced eco-resin cabochons are hand-poured in layers to create deep, intricate pieces with a complex galaxy of hand-placed vintage glitter and opalescent flakes. Each pair is completely unique and SOOO much better in person. These photos just don't do them justice.

The resin cabochons are then passed to Katie to set them into one-of-a-kind settings. She uses mixed metal (silver, brass and copper) and frequently combines off-cuts to make these pieces Zero Waste.

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