Antler Stud Earrings - long

These long antler stud earrings are a best seller and an incredible piece of jewellery to adorn yourself with. They are lightweight (especially when paired with the quill) which means you can make a dramatic statement and still be able to wear them all day long. Buyer beware, when you put these babies on, you may become Superwoman.

You'll find these earrings paired with re-purposed North American Porcupine quills, brass pieces and gemstones. The studs are nickel-free, lead-free and plated in sterling silver or 14K gold. If you require specific metals (e.g. solid sterling silver) due to severe allergies, let me know and we can make that happen!

The antler used in these stud earrings (and all pieces by Sheppards Hook) are all made from natural sheds found in the forests of Manitoba where white-tailed deer thrive. The antler falls off the deer naturally, due to hormonal changes that occur in a cyclical pattern throughout the year. Antler can be found on the forest floor all year round but they are typically dropped from January to April.

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